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Bizzmate Docs

Version 1.0.0

Bizzmate is a clean, creative, modern  business WordPress Elementor Theme specially crafted for Business and agency. You can build exquisite website with Bizzmate. Flexible, easily customizable. Just make some small tuning and get your own stunning website.

WordPress Installation

You must have a functioning version of WordPress to install this theme. For more information how to install WordPress , please explore the WordPress Codex

System Requirements

We strongly recommend to use PHP version 7+, although Techmate will well work in PHP versions 5.4 and above. As  you already know PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 & 5.6  all reached their end of life and are no longer supported with updates and bug fixes, and that  is why we do not recommend those. WordPress itself recommends using PHP 7.3 or higher which you find it here –

Make sure  that your server has the following configurations. You can always contact your hosting provider who can help you to modify the PHP configurations file and update the following.


Through FTP Upload

Unzip the contents of the theme installation zip file and upload the extracted folder to your server to wp-uploads/themes/ folder using a FTP client.

How To Import Ready Websites?

You can import ready websites with a single click of a button. Go to Bizzmate> READY WEBSITES>CLICK IMPORT. Wait until the import is complete.

Setting Homepage

Please follow the screenshot.

How To Use Theme Options?

  • To use the Bizzmate Theme Options navigate to Bizzmate>Bizzmate Options
  • Don’t forget to Click on Save Changes when you are done with each changes.



You will find two layouts here. One is fluid and another one is boxed. Choose any of the one you wish to go. The default container width of the site layout is 1140px but you can choose your own by dragging the bar.

Body Content Spacing

You can set the space (Top & Bottom) between the body content here.

Site Background Image

If you want to give a background image to the site, you can set it from here.

Scroll To Top Button

You can set show/hide the Scroll to top button from here.


Once you create revolution slider, just copy the short code of rev slider and paste it in the post index page input filed.

You can also put the shop slider short code in the shop index page input filed.

 Font Setting

You can set your desired font family for general content (body content), primary menu, and secondary menu and for the headings (H1-H6).


Copy/Paste your Google Analytics/ Google Remarketing code & Google API Key here.

Social Links

Put the url of the social links here in this fields. Ex:



Creating A Custom Blog Page

Bizzmate Theme has 3 main blog styles – Classic, Grid and Masonry. Please note that before displaying blog posts, you need to create a post first. You can use default WordPress editor to create a blog with Techmate theme or you can  use Essential addons element to create your blog.

How To Create A Single Blog Post

  • From WordPress left menu, Navigate to Posts and click on Add New.
  • Enter your desired title and click on Edit with Elementor button or you can use default WordPress editor to add your content to a post.
  • Add your required content to your post.
  • Publish the post and view published result.

Note: you need to activate Elementor If you don’t see Edit with Elementor button in the Post editor, Elementor > Settings as described in this article.

How To Configure a Single Blog Post Layout

If you want to change the post layout to defalut template or Elementor Full Width you can do it. With Elementor Full Width you can have set the post page with sidebar and with default template you can set the sidebar.From Bizzmate options > Blog you can set different layout from Post Index tab for your single post , related posts, and style them.


You can enable/disable catalog mode for your shop. Enabling catalog mode will disable the cart functionality. You can set cart icon/related products/cross sell and up-sell here. You can also set your shop page layout and single product page layout from here.

Color Settings

You can set the color for theme/content/headings/header primary menu/secondary menu/dropdown menu/action elements/sub header/ sticky/footer/and responsive sticky background.


If you want add your own custom CSS/JS, you can easily copy/paste your code here.



You can import file using this option.


Here you can copy/download your current theme option settings. Keep this safe as you can use it as a backup should anything go wrong, or you can use it to restore your settings on this site (or any other site).

What Is Elementor ?

Elementor is the Live drag and drop page builder that lets you create beautiful WordPress websites in the easiest and quickest way possible.

How Does Elementor Page Builder Work ?

Elementor is a page builder plugin that replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend editor, so you can create complex layouts visually, and design your website live, without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode. The page builder enables you to reach a top-notch quality of design without needing to use code or CSS, and without relying on developers for help.

For more information, please check this tutorial.

Elementor Settings

Navigate down to Elementor > Settings in the WordPress admin, and checked 2 box Disable Default Colors and Disable Default Fonts:

Importing Block Template To A Page Template

With Elementor you can import a page template or part of your template (Section). So you just insert a template into a page and no need to create all sections manually.

Follow the steps bellow to insert a block template (Section)

Click the folder icon to add a Page template, Block, or your own saved template from the editing screen.

  • Click the folder icon to add a Page template, Block, or your own saved template from the editing screen.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to preview a template.
  • Click INSERT to select the required template.
  • Give your favorite templates a heart and save them to MY FAVORITES.
  • Click the arrow in the top right corner to upload a .json or .zip file.

Essential Addon For Elementor (Premium)


Enhance your Elementor page building experience with 60+ elements & 5 extensions. Add powers to your page builder using easy-to-use elements those were designed to make your next WordPress page and posts design easier and prettier than ever before.

Customize Every Element Just The Way You Want.

Each element comes with a bunch of options to control every possible thing. You can achieve nearly any design with your imagination.

How To Use Essential Addons Elements

Drag & drop any Essential Addons element into the Elementor page builder interface like you do with any other Elementor element. You will find Content and Style tabs with that element’s customization options.

How To Set A Template?

From Page Attributes drop down section, You can set a custom template for a page.

Following are the list of templates you can select.

  • Default Template
  • Elementor Canvas
  • Elementor Full Width

Default Template is used in WordPress themes by default. You can use this template If you want to have a page with sidebar.

Elementor Canvas will help you to design a landing page.

Selection of this template will remove the header and footer. You can design any page without plugin and custom css.Explore these article for more Elementor documentation and Introducing Canvas.

Elementor Full Widthuse this template for a full width page.

Explore more in these links: Using Elementor’s Full Width Page Template and How To Create a Full Width Page Using Elementor articles.